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AVP - Real Estate Development and Acquisition

Columbus, OH
Permanent position for an experienced Assistant Vice President for acquiring and developing affordable housing.

​​​​​​40% (1) At the direction of the Vice President for Planning and Development (the “VP”), manage projects that are part of  strategy to acquire market-rate, mixed-income, and affordable multifamily real estate throughout Franklin County (the “Acquisition Strategy”). Tasks include: developing financial models and analysis of potential Acquisition Strategy properties, advising the VP on letters of intent and purchase and sale agreements, participate in the selection of financing partners for Acquisition Strategy properties, and collaborating with the VP and CMHA legal counsel on the closing process for the properties.

40% (2) At the direction of the VP, manage projects that are part of strategies to develop new affordable housing, especially for hard-to-serve populations (the “Development Strategy”), and rehab existing affordable housing (the “Rehab Strategy”). Both the Development and Rehab strategies may involve partnerships with other housing developers and the use of federal low-income housing tax credits (LIHTC). Tasks include: developing financial models and analysis of potential Development and Rehab Strategy properties; advising the VP on partnership opportunities; managing the LIHTC application process, whether 4% or 9%, when appropriate for the project; participating in any advocacy and communications strategies related to the projects; and collaborating with the VP and legal counsel on the closing process for the properties.

10% (3) Participate with the VP and other Planning & Development staff in strategic and long-term planning for the Planning & Development office. Planning activities may include developing proposals for the executive team regarding how to implement mission to serve the community by providing access to affordable housing and any other directives from the executive team.

5% (4) Provide analysis to the VP on federal, state, and local public policy issues related to Acquisition, Development, or Rehab strategies, or other issues that may affect CMHA or the Planning & Development office.

5% (5) Assist the VP with managing and supervising all assigned employees (e.g., schedules and assigns tasks; interviews job applicants; recommends the hiring of job applicants; recommends discipline; evaluates performance; receives and adjusts grievances or employee complaints; approves and recommends the approval of leave requests; attends or participates in meetings in which policy questions are reviewed or discussed; develops and implements policy; recommends policy changes; participates in personnel or labor relations activities; has access to other employees’ personnel files; has access to financial data used in monitoring department revenue/income, etc.).

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