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Healthcare Community Resource Connector

Staten Island, NY


Full remote position requiring Bilingual: Russian and English
MUST be local to the 5 boroughs of New York (Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or Queens). 

The Community Connectors play a pivotal role in collaborating with members, healthcare providers, and multidisciplinary teams to assess, facilitate, plan, and coordinate a seamlessly integrated delivery of care across various healthcare domains, encompassing behavioral health and long-term care. This role specifically addresses the needs of members with elevated potential for care requirements. The primary objective is to ensure that patients make progress towards desired outcomes through the provision of quality, medically appropriate, and cost-effective care, tailored to the severity of illness and the specific site of service.


  • Community Advocacy and Resource Support:

    • Function as a community-based member advocate, leveraging knowledge of local resources to engage and assist vulnerable members in effectively managing their healthcare needs.
  • Collaboration with Healthcare Services Team:

    • Provide non-clinical paraprofessional support by conducting field visits, including but not limited to homes, nursing homes, shelters, and doctor's offices, to collaborate with and support the Healthcare Services team.
  • Health Plan Benefits Empowerment:

    • Empower members by assisting them in navigating and maximizing their health plan benefits. This involves scheduling appointments, arranging transportation for healthcare visits, ensuring prescription fulfillment, and conducting follow-ups with members regarding missed appointments.
  • Access to Social Services:

    • Assist members in accessing social services, including but not limited to community-based resources for housing, food, and employment.
  • Outreach and Support for Disconnected Members:

    • Conduct outreach efforts to locate and provide support for disconnected members with special needs. This may involve research using available data, such as internal databases, and contacting member providers or caregivers.
  • Ongoing and Project-Based Activities:

    • Participate in ongoing or project-based activities that necessitate extensive member outreach, both telephonically and face-to-face.
  • Medicaid Eligibility and Financial Resource Guidance:

    • Guide members in maintaining Medicaid eligibility and provide assistance with other financial resources as deemed appropriate.

This position is integral to fostering a proactive and holistic approach to healthcare, ensuring the well-being of members through personalized and comprehensive support.

Priority given to Contract-to-Permanent Candidates available within 2 weeks.

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