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Speech Language Pathologist - SLP (Full Remote)

Louisville, KY

Job Title: Speech Language Pathologist (Speech Therapist; SLP)

Must Reside in Kentucky

Organization: Managed Care Organization

Position Overview: The Managed Care Organization is seeking a skilled Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) to join our Utilization Management Team. The primary role involves conducting chart reviews to determine the medical necessity of physical, occupational, and speech therapy authorization requests. This position also includes process and performance improvement consulting, encompassing training, auditing, calibration sessions, and Peer-to-Peer support/coaching.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Collaborate with the Utilization Management Team (Nurses and Medical Directors) to evaluate the medical necessity of selected therapy services.
  2. Provide informed recommendations to the Health Plan based on comprehensive chart reviews.
  3. Engage in process and performance improvement initiatives, including training, auditing, and calibration sessions.
  4. Offer Peer-to-Peer support and coaching to enhance team performance and compliance with regulations.

Must-Have Skills:

  1. Prior experience in chart review and application of clinical criteria.
  2. Experience with maintenance therapy services for children with chronic health conditions.
  3. Familiarity with Kentucky Medicaid Therapy Regulations.

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

  1. Assist the Utilization Management Team in assessing the medical necessity of therapy services.
  2. Provide expert recommendations to the Health Plan based on detailed chart reviews.


  • Years of Experience: Minimum of 3 years.
  • Licensure / Education: Must hold an unrestricted Licensed Therapist certification in the State of Kentucky.
  • Hours per Week: No more than 4 hours per day (hours will vary depending on volume/needs).
  • Estimated OT Hours per Week: None.

Additional Information:

  • Time Zone Requirements: EST preferable.
  • Typical Schedule/Shift: Varies depending on review volume; Utilization Management hours of operation are 8 AM – 5:30 PM EST.
  • Pay $65.00 per hour
  • Employment Type: W2 Basis.

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