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Prevention of Sexual Abuse (PSA) Specialist

Houston, TX
The PSA Compliance Specialist is responsible for the agency-wide quality and compliance activities. This position will primarily support Child Welfare type programs for Children. This position collaborates to promote quality services to clients and ensures employees follow the rules and regulations of various agency policies & procedures, funder requirements, accreditation standards, and codes ofconduct. This position will have an emphasis of reviewing the Incident Reporting process. This position works closely with Directors, Vice Presidents, General Counsel, and other departments to maintain agency compliance with federal, state, local, and private guidelines.

SALARY: Up to $50,000 or $24/hr - Plus exceptional benefits

• Maintain program audit procedures to maintain the agency’s compliance with federal, state, local and private
funders and with accreditation standards. Report audit results regularly collaborating for the status of reports,
reviews, and investigations from various external authorities including but not limited to funding sources,
accrediting organizations, and other external authorities. Reviews Incident Reports, requests clarifying
information or follow-up from staff, categorizes incident and documents accordingly. Conducts focused reviews
and investigations as assigned.
• Participated in ongoing program compliance activities such as case files reviews, client surveys, and policy
inventory. Gather data and information for Risk Management related committees and work groups as assigned.
Coordinates work group and committee initiatives, and directly facilitates selected committees as assigned. Focuson data gathering for accreditation activities.
• Coordinated ORR Compliance Management duties by efforts to implement and maintain agency compliance withr egulatory requirements established by the Office of Refugee Resettlement and State mandated reporting
requirements related to the prevention, detection, and response to incidents of sexual abuse, harassment, or
exploitation of clients. Conduct activities such as training, audits, and internal reviews as directed. Be
administrator for databases as needed.
• Coordinate foster care compliance activities with program for licensure compliance of funder, and state licensingactivities.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

• Bachelor’s degree in social work or related field
• One year of experience at a non-profit, social services agency, or child welfare related agency.
• Bilingual in English and Spanish
• Valid Texas Driver’s License

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